Take a Break

Take a break,
from all the obnoxious things
that you have been too saddened about.
From all the complains that you have been,
jotting down to life.
From the riling hush and bush of the homo sapiens.

May be…
May be you should sail across the ocean,
have a rush of euphoria with the
site of burning stars in the sky!
May be you need to expand your horizon,
Look at the sun expanding its rays of hope from everywhere to everywhere,
reaching out to you.

Remember how your eyes used to spark?
…For how long will you procrastinate that pain?

Pass it on!
Pass it on to all those who need it this very hour.
You will be adored for being so strong through!
Take a flight,
to the infinite sky,
to the beautiful birds flying across.
Don’t you wonder what the clouds taste like?
Sit with the calm invincible waterfall.
Don’t you wonder what it would be like to take a ride?

Expand your horizon.
Touch lives.
Mend the bridges that you’ve burnt.
Take a break.
For that you will realize,
There are many beautiful reasons to be Happy. 🙂


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